We do not end our responsibility just by selling good products, we also provide advice and service support after long usages of the same and maintain a long-term relationship with them.

Our Support Contact Numbers:

  • Helpline / Service: +91 94335 80980
    (Open 24 x 7)
  • Enquiry / Other: +91 98307 60611, +91 98301 51241
    (Mon to Sat: Open | Sunday: Closed)

About Our Service:

  1. In-House & Onsite Service Support - For Service Support, we have fully equipped in-house servicing department and trained personal for on-site service.
  2. Repairing - We have in-house technical expertise to repair the products at component level while maintaining backup stocks of spares.
  3. Regular Maintenance / Service - We not only provide emergency breakdown support but also provide regular Check-up / Preventive Maintenance, during warranty period and beyond, by offering AMC for the same.
  4. One-time Servicing - We also take Casual / Breakdown calls for repairing of machineries for our clients who are not under AMC on chargeable basis.

”We believe our satisfied customer is our strength and their satisfaction is our future.“

Our Main Areas of Work for both Sales & Service:

  • Physical / Electronic / Biometric Safes, Lockers & Vault Doors – Full range of Godrej products that serves Home & Offices to Commercial & Institutional Establishments.
  • Surveillance Systems – Monitoring and Recording system from Godrej and other Brands.
  • Alarm Systems – Fire & Intrusion system from Godrej and other Brands.
  • Currency Handling Machines – Sorters, Counters and Fakes Detection aids from Godrej.
  • Vending Machines – Hot Beverage Vending Machines from Godrej & Atlantis.
  • Consumable Supply – Supply of vending premixes from Godrej & Amazon (Atlantis) within Kolkata, Howrah and surrounding areas.
  • Computer & Peripherals – Consultancy, assembling & servicing of high-end / gaming PCs and peripherals.
  • Photocopiers – We provide sales and maintenance of best in the class Printers, MFPs and Photocopiers from the reputed brand Konica Minolta and supply of consumables for the same on regular basis, in the most cost-effective way possible.
  • Custom Solutions – In-house design, development & servicing of electronic equipment for providing customised solutions.

Godrej Service Call Centre Numbers:

  • Security Service - 1800 209 9955
  • Locks - 1800 209 4543
  • Appliances - 1800 209 5511