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Godrej Bundle Note Counting Machine

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Dimensions*: 29.6 (H) x 17.5 (W) x 11.8 (D) inches

Weight*: 47 Kgs

Machine Type: Bundle Note Counting

Counting Speed: 900 Notes per minute (approx.)

Hopper Capacity: Less than 200 Notes

*Tolerances: Dimensions, Weight & Volume ±10%


Colours: Blue Top with White Body

Options: Desktop, Floor


EMI available on Credit & Debit Cards

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Category: Currency Handling

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Godrej Security Solutions presents Swift TURBO, a currency note counting machine designed for heavy duty applications and packed with a host of user-friendly features. A state of the art product, it can not only count crisp new notes, but also soiled old ones. All this with a high degree of accuracy and speed. This eliminates the time and inconvenience of manual counting.

Best Usage in Banks, Financial Institutions, Offices, Shops, Post offices, Hotels, Places of Worship etc.


  • Dual-Line LED display i.e. Batch size / Sum Total and Counting number - One can see the batch size / sum total as well as the current counting at the same time depending upon the selected mode.
  • Extended Single Line Display - Making it easy for customer viewing.
  • Sophisticated Diagnostics helps to rectify faults and error within the machine.
  • Feather Touch Keypad - Makes entering inputs / operating the system, effortless.
  • High Speed Accurate Counting - The counting speed of 100 notes in 6 seconds ensures accurate counting and at the same time reduces operator fatigue, thus increasing through put and improving productivity.
  • Modes of Operation - Count, Verify and Batch The machine supports the 3 modes of counting, which the operator actually needs.
    Thus in Count mode notes can be counted without interruptions, in the Verify mode, notes can be counted and be verified by presetting the counter and finally with the Batching facility, notes can be separated with exact quantities required.
  • Machine can also be operated on two different modes - Auto & Manual.
  • Built-in Stamping Module - This ensures that an 'OK' stamp is affixed on the note-slip of the bundle in Verify mode, thus giving visual confirmation that the machine has counted 100 notes.
  • Unique Dust Removing System - This system protects the marker and the user from dust, thus improving counting accuracy.
  • Unique ‘ADD’ feature - Keeps track of total quantity of notes that have been counted.


*All Weights and Sizes are approximate. Manufacturing Tolerances: Dimensions, Weight & Volume ±10%


  • 750 (H) x 445 (W) x 300 (D) mm
  • 29.6 (H) x 17.5 (W) x 11.8 (D) inches

Net Weight* (Empty)

47 Kgs

Counting Speed / 100 Notes

6 seconds approx.

Counting Mechanism


Notes Capacity

150 to 200 Notes (Depends on Note Condition)

Power Consumption

380 Watt approx.

Power Source

AC 230V @ 50 / 60 Hz (± 10% Hz)

Notes to be Counted

Banded / Bundled Condition


Dual-Line LED Display:

  • Top Row: 4 Digits
  • Bottom Row: 3 Digits
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