Rhino Gold Electronic (55L)

Godrej Digital Safe Locker

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Dimensions*: 16.7 (H) x 18.1 (W) x 17.5 (D) inches

Weight*: 35 Kgs

Volume*: 55 Ltrs

Internal Removable Shelves: Yes

Mounting / Fixing Holes: Yes

*Tolerances: Dimensions, Weight & Volume ±10%


Colours: Black Body with Golden Front Door

Sizes: 55L79L

Options: Digital, Key Lock


EMI available on Credit & Debit Cards

Availability: In Stock (Only 1 pieces left)

Category: Home Security, Safes, Lockers & Cabinets

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The Godrej Security Equipment Division, a 125+ year old company, synonymous with trust, reliability and innovation, has been providing security solutions to millions of customers.

Rhino safes, crafted by Godrej, are strong, compact and burglar resistant which are built to last. They can be easily be accommodated in all residences and small offices. The safe comes with a heavy plate door and has twin solid steel shooting bolts that provide additional security to your valuables.


Q : What is the color of the product?
A : Black Body with Golden Front Door.

Q : Are these lockers sufficient for general home usage?
A : 55 litres home lockers provide ample storage to store up 4 jewellery boxes, many documents and other important things such as watches, wallets and other valuables

Q : Are these safes fire resistant?
A : No. These safes are not certified fire resistant. We have a range of lockers which are certified fire resistant and can withstand fire upto 2 hours. Please check the Safire and Centiguard range of lockers for fire resistance.

Q : Do they have internal shelves?
A : Yes. The safe is divided into two compartments by a shelf.

Q : Does the locker have an inbuilt alarm system?
A : No. You can check our Ritz range of lockers which come with an inbuilt alarm system

Q : How to open the locker if I have forgotten my password?
A : In case you have forgotten the password for your locker, you can use the mechanical override key provided with the locker to access the locker or also you can use the master password to open the locker. If no override key is available and you have forgotten the master password, please call on 1800-209-9955 for help.

Q : How do I check the battery status? / How do I know when my locker needs battery replacements?
A : With the safe in Closed and Locked condition, Press # key on your keypad. Then if the Display is showing “BA-HI” – means Battery is High, i.e., OK. If the display instead is showing “BA-LO” – means the Batteries are Low and should be replaced immediately with 4 Numbers of ‘AA’ size Alkaline Batteries only. Non-Alkaline batteries should not be used to prevent malfunction.

Q : What can I do if the batteries are weak or dead?
A : In case of low battery, an USB cable connected to a fully charged Power Bank can be inserted in the USB slot available on the panel. The safe will then turn on normally and the user can then enter the code, unlock the locker and replace the battery. Or the safe locker can be opened by using the emergency override keys. Once you have opened the locker, the internal batteries can be changed.

Q : How do I replace the batteries?
A : Open the locker using your personal code. If the batteries are dead, use the emergency override key. Remove the battery cover on the back panel by unscrewing the Philips screw and replace the batteries with 4 Numbers of ‘AA’ size Alkaline Batteries only. Non-Alkaline batteries should not be used to prevent malfunction.

Q : Can the override keys be duplicated manually?
A : No, the override keys cannot be duplicated manually. Every locker is equipped with a precision milled and uniquely coded key design which only works in the locker with which it is supplied.

Q : How strong are these lockers?
A : These safes are 100 times stronger than your wooden cupboard.

Q : Can the locker be installed in a cupboard or fixed onto the wall?
A : Yes. The locker can be bolted from the bottom as well as the back into a wooden cupboard or onto the wall.


  • Heavy Plated Door - A heavy plate door hinged is placed on strong pivots in solid-steel bearing block.
  • Twin Solid Steel Shooting Bolts - 2 shooting bolts behind a rabbet act like a continuous vertical bolt for extra protection.
  • Fitted with Godrej Electronic Numeric Combination Lock - Safe opens with 4-6 digit secret password.
  • Overriding - Mechanical as well as Electronic Overriding option is available.
  • Lock and vital parts of the bolt work are protected with a Drill-Resistant Armoured plate.
  • Keypad Auto-Freezes after consecutive wrong password attempts.
  • Non-Volatile memory prevents password erasure, when the battery is low or even in the absence of any battery.


*All Weights and Sizes are approximate. Manufacturing Tolerances: Dimensions, Weight & Volume ±10%


Black Body with Golden Front Door

External Dimensions*

  • 424 (H) x 460 (W) x 415 (D) mm
  • 16.7 (H) x 18.1 (W) x 16.4 (D) inches
  • Total Depth (including Handle / Electronic Panel): 445 mm / 17.5 inches

Internal Dimensions*

  • 413 (H) x 454 (W) x 367 (D) mm
  • 16.3 (H) x 17.9 (W) x 14.5 (D) inches
  • Internal Usable Depth: 330 mm / 13 inches


55 Litres

Net Weight* (Empty)

35 Kgs

Locker Type

Electronic (Digital with Keypad)

Locking Mechanism


No. of Locks


No. of Keys

0 (No Overriding Key is available)

No. of Key Sets

0 (No Overriding Key is available)

No. of Shooting Bolts

Live / Moving Bolts: 2 Nos. (Left Side)

No. of Shelves

1 (Removable)

Extra Features

  • Emergency Mechanical Override - No (Electronic Overriding option is available from Godrej on request in case of emergency)
  • Internal Light - No
  • Mounting Holes - Bottom: 2 Nos., Back: 2 Nos.

Batteries Required

Yes; 4 Nos. 'AA' size Alkaline Batteries only
(Important: Do not use any Non-Alkaline Batteries. For regular usage i.e., 2 to 3 times a week, change batteries every 6 months.)


1 Year of Manufacturer's Warranty against any manufacturing defects.

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