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Godrej 3 Lane Vending Machine

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Dimensions*: 24.8 (H) x 9.9 (W) x 18.7 (D) inches

Weight*: 17.5 Kgs

No. of Lanes / Canisters: 3 Nos.

Recipe Combination: Yes

Beverage Variants: 6 Nos.

*Tolerances: Dimensions, Weight & Volume ±10%


Colours: Black

Options: 2 Lanes, 3 Lanes, 4 Lanes

Category: Vending

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Imagine bright and cheerful faces greeting you every morning with a smile that doesn't vanish even when you turn your back. It's this joyous atmosphere that we help you create at your workspace. Godrej presents a range of vending machines and premixes that make sure your employees stay refreshed and you see smiles everywhere, at any time of the day.


  • Digital microprocessor controlled.
  • Scale resistant food grade polymer boiler to eliminate corrosion.
  • Openable polymer boiler to facilitate easy cleaning.
  • Easy to clean unique mixing system design for excellent cream and taste.
  • Unique canister design for consistent dosages.
  • Beverage machine parts made of food grade materials.
  • Electricity safe low voltage drivers.
  • Corrosion resistant galvanised powder coated metal body.
  • Aesthetically appealing and small footprint design.
  • Capable of handling voltage fluctuations.


*All Weights and Sizes are approximate. Manufacturing Tolerances: Dimensions, Weight & Volume ±10%

External Dimensions*

  • 630 (H) x 250 (W) x 475 (D) mm
  • 24.8 (H) x 9.9 (W) x 18.7 (D) inches
  • Total Height including Top Loading Bubble Water Container: 890 mm / 29.9 inches

Net Weight*

17.5 Kgs

Boiler Capacity*

1.75 Litres

Premix Canister Capacity*

1.7 Litres

Number of Product Containers

Hot Beverages – 3

Number of Mixers


Heater Rating

2.65 Kilowatts


Temporary & Permanent counter in software.

Power Supply

230 V, 50 Hz, 15 A

Power Consumption

2.8 Kilowatts (approx.)

Initial Start-up Time

7 Minutes

Cup Volume

90 ml to 120 ml

Dispensing Rate

5 Cups / Minutes

Dedicated Hot Water


Water Connection

  • By Default, Bubble Top Water Container.
  • On Request, Pump can be added. Extra Cost applicable.

Beverage Variants

  • 6 options settable
  • Tea / Coffee Full & Half cup settable

Indicator Alpha Numeric LCD Display

Double line display


Keypad, Direct Select

Product & Temperature Setting

On-board with password protection

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