Godrej EVE 3MP Home Camera

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Lens*: 3.6 MM

Viewing Angle*: 100

Effective Pixels: 2 MP

Pan & Tilt: Yes

External Storage: Yes;128GB MicroSD

Night Vision: Yes; IR

Mobile App: Yes; Android

Net Weight : 0.187kg

Availability: In Stock

Category: Electronic Security, Home Security

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ACE PRO is a WiFi-enabled home cam that includes smart features like Record & Share and Lives Feed Smartphone Viewing to ensure you never miss another moment of joy with your loved ones. With 3MP HD day-night video quality, ACE PRO is the smartest way to check in on the ones who matter most — anytime, anywhere.


Q : I cannot connect to the original device after changing the router password / replacing the router.
A : Once you have changed the router password or replaced the router, proceed as follows. Open the App > Device Settings > Device Wi-Fi Configuration. Follow the instructions as per the prompts mentioned.

Q : Is the camera compatible with a 5GHz router?
A : Our camera is compatible with a 2.4 GHz router only.

Q : What should I do in case the dual band router fails to connect to the camera?
A : In such cases, create a guest network in the 2.4Ghz section and then connect your camera to your dual band router by using the same guest network. While configuring the password, make sure no special characters or spaces are used. Lastly, the security level of the password should set to WPA instead of WPA2.

Q : What should I do if do not receive OTP while signup/ Creating an account?
A : Ensure your mobile is has good internet connectivity and then click on resend OTP.

Q : What should I do in case of password mismatch?
A : On the login page, just below Enter password option you will get a forgot password option. Click on “forgot password” and follow the prompt given by the app to set your new password.

Q : How to add a new device?
A : For wireless connections:

-Turn the device ON
-Please ensure the Wi-Fi is switched on and in range
-The existing Wi-Fi should be connected to your phone
-Check all voice prompts/acknowledgment given by the camera.

-Open the EVE NX app and login using correct Credentials
-On the top right corner, you will find “Add camera” or “+” – click on the same.
-Select “Mobile Phone Scan QR Code” option to add camera (Recommended method)
-Scan the QR code of the device while maintaining a distance of about 30 CMS
-Follow the instructions as per the prompts.
-After scanning the app shows a prompt that “camera is reseted successfully”. Please click on “Successful reset”
-Check the SSID name (Router name) and enter the correct password for the router.

- After entering the correct credentials for the router please click on “NEXT”
- Router credentials will be transferred to camera by using Sonic method (By sound wave).
Please Note: It is recommended that Phone sound should be ON and within 30 cm distance from the camera)
- Follow all prompts on the app screen as well as voice prompts given by the camera. After successful connection with the server, camera will give a prompt “Welcome to use cloud camera”

- Now customize name to your camera
- Select time zone for your camera
- Camera screen is now displayed on the application home screen. This indicates your camera is ready to give live feed of your loved ones.

Q : What is the reason I am seeing a ‘Failed to add device’ message prompt?
A : Please troubleshoot across any of the following areas to solve this problem.

I. Manual add failure:
1. Check Phone Sound:
If the phone sound is not turned on after you have entered the Wi-Fi password, the device is unable to detect the sound wave and the binding of the device will fail.
2. Check UDID & password:
Check if you have entered the correct UDID & password. If not, the binding of the device will fail.

II. Sonic configuration failure:
1. Check Wi-Fi Password:
If the password is entered incorrectly, the binding of the device will fail.
2. If the phone sound is not turned on after you have entered the Wi-Fi password, the device is unable to detect the sound wave and the binding of the device will fail.
3. Once the local Wi-Fi password is entered correctly, the phone emits a sound wave.
You will then receive a prompt that the “connection has been successfully heard”. Click on the same if you hear the same prompt from the camera. The device and the cloud will sync for the next 90 seconds. If the binding fails, repeat the above procedure.

III. AP Configuration failure:
Scan the QR code of the device using the app hotspot configuration network.
Open Wi Fi settings. If the Wi-Fi list does not display the device hotspot name, the binding of the device will fail.

Q : How do I solve a login issue OR how to unbind the device?
A : Enter the correct mobile number or e-mail associated with your device.
Remember to use the original phone number or mail to log into the app.
After successfully logging into the app, Go to respective camera setting page. At the bottom of screen you will get “Delete Camera” option. That’s how you can unbind the device.

Q : Functional Experience

I. How do I ‘share a device with a friend’?

GO to Home Screen
Click on Sharing Icon available on TOP Right Corner of the individual Camera Screen
You will get the below 2 options
1. “ Share with a Friend”
Add your friend in the sharing configuration by using “MY Friend” Option in “My” i.e application setting page

2. “More Ways to Share”
If you select this method you will receive a QR Code. Share that code with your friend/ family Member. Once they scan the QR Code after logging in to EVE NX App, camera will be successfully shared with your friend/ family member.

Open the app
GO TO ‘My’
CLICK ON ‘My Sharing’
Select the camera you want to share and click on the permission check.
A link will be displayed on the app.
The admin user can then share the link their friends.

II. Why can't I receive the motion alarm message?
A: Open the App and go to SETTINGS
Click on ‘motion detection alarm interface’ in order to improve motion detection sensitivity and confirm that the message is not disturbed (i.e Do Not Disturb Setting is deactivated)

If you are still unable to receive the alarm information, please open the mobile application permission setting and select EVE NX.
Check if the notification is disabled, and select “Allow notifications”

III. Why do mobile alarm push notifications appear frequently?
A: Open the App and go to SETTINGS
Go to Motion Detection Alarms
Reduce the motion detection sensitivity or choose to disable the messages.

IV. How do I share the photos or videos taken with friends?
A: Open the camera
GO TO ‘My’
CLICK ON the album
SELECT the video/photo you want to share
CLICK ON the top right corner “icon”
SAVE the video/photo to the local album
Lastly SHARE IT from the local album.

V. How to delete the camera when the screen is divided?
Long press the screen to display the delete button. You can then drag and drop the screen to delete it successfully.

Q : Abnormal Exclusion

I. Why is there a disturbance in the voice while talking?
A: You may be too close to the device. Turn off the sound and maintain a distance.

II. Why is the picture stuck or why does it stay in the refresh interface?
A: Check if the network connection is smooth, or if the device is powered off.
Clean the phone cache or restart your phone.

III. Why can’t the SD card directly be played via a computer?
A: We recommend to always take a backup of the video by using the “playback & video recording” option in the app.
The camera manufacturer does not hold responsibility of the stored data after the memory card is removed from the camera.

IV. Why doesn’t the video recording work despite installing the memory card?
A: Open the device settings
GO TO ‘memory card’
CLICK ON initialize memory card.
A Friendly reminder: Always check the video recording before formatting the SD card. We recommend to always take a backup of the video by using the “video recording” option in the app before formatting the card
V. After mounting the camera on the wall, why is the image reversed?
Open Device Settings → Video flip. Now open the image.

VI. Why can’t I see a no video when viewing the camera playback?
A: Check if the SD card is inserted. Or open the device settings to check if the camera sleep mode is selected. Please note that the camera does not record when in the sleep mode. If you are still unable to view the video, initialize the memory card again from the “storage” option in the camera settings and check again.

Q : What to do if camera is offline?
A : Check your router is getting proper internet connectivity.
Ensure your camera is placed within the Wi-Fi range of your router.
Check your mobile is getting proper internet connectivity.
Restart the camera once using its power on switch and check the voice prompt coming from the camera.
If nothing works, Then reset the camera using its reset switch and again add the camera by following “Add Device” Process

Q : How to RESET Camera?
A : After successfully logging into the app, go to respective camera setting which you want to delete. Delete the respective camera from user account first.

Hold Reset button on camera till u here voice prompt from camera i.e “RESET SUCCESS”


  • 3MP (1296P) Wi-Fi Pan Tilt camera
  • Pan Tilt Function: Pan: 355 Degrees/ Tilt: 90 degrees
  • Built-in Mic & Speaker for 2 way Communication - IR LED Night Vision Upto 10mtrs
  • Supports up to 128GB Micro SD Card
  • Smart Motion Detection with Humanoid detection, auto recording, notification alert and Customised voice alert configuration
  • Smart Motion Tracking


3MP (2304 x 1296 pixel resolution)


3.6 MM

Viewing Angle


Image sensor

1 / 3



IR distance

10 Meter

Audio Input/Output

Built-in Mic and Speaker

Wireless transmission support


Wireless standard

IEEE 802.11 b / g / n

Local storage for recording

Supports up to 128GB MicroSD card
(Note: SD card is not provided with the Product)

Smart Alarm support

Motion Detection, Humanoid Detection and Motion detection for marked areas.

Power supply

Micro USB (DC 5V / 1Amp) Power adapter is part of package.

Housing type


Working Temperature

0° to 50° C

Storage Temperature

-20° to +60°C

Net Weight


Gross weight



  • 3MP (1296P) Wi-Fi Pan Tilt camera.
  • Pan Tilt Function: Pan: 355 Degrees/ Tilt: 90 degrees.
  • Built-in Mic & Speaker for 2-way Voice Communication.
  • IR LED Night Vision Upto 10 meters.
  • Supports up to 128GB Micro SD Card.
  • Smart Motion Detection with Humanoid detection, Auto-Recording, Notification Alert and Customised Voice Alert configuration.
  • Smart Motion Tracking - Godrej ACE app play store and apple store.
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