Defender NX Door CL-II GG

Godrej Strong Room Vault Door without BIS

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Dimensions*: 83.8 (H) x 48 (W) x 11.8 (D) inches

Weight*: 920 Kgs

Rating: TRTL 30, FR 30

Certification: No

Grill Gate: Yes

Clenching Mechanism: No

Limit Switch: No

*Tolerances: Dimensions, Weight & Volume ±5%


Colours: Grey

Class: I / C, II / B

Options: without GG, with GG, with GG LS Clench Mech

Models: without BIS, with (BIS)

Category: Institutional Security, Jewellery Shop Security

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Establishments like banks and businesses are always under the scanner of unscrupulous eyes, raising an ever-increasing threat to their security. As technology evolves, break-in attempts are also getting more sophisticated with burglars using advanced state-of-the-art tools to attempt their brazen heists. Needless to say, the first step is to fortify the first point of attack - the Strong Room Door.

Godrej Strong Room Doors combine unique Double Duty Barrier (DDB) material and Torch & Drill (TDR) Matrix to offer superior resistance, not only against common hand tools, picking tools and impact tools, but also against oxyacetylene torches.

Strong Room Door Classes:

  • Strong Room Door Class I or C: Consists of a composite slab of thickness 18mm, made of a special layer of flame and arc-resistant alloy that protects against fire, power drilling, oxy acetylene torch and arc cutting. It is further fortified with a composite 62mm layer of Godrej Double Duty Barrier (DDB).
  • Strong Room Door Class II or B: Consists of a 25mm slab of Torch and Drill Matrix Slab (TDR), to protect it from attacks by impact tools, drills, oxy acetylene torch and arc cutting. It is further fortified with a 65mm layer of Godrej Duty Barrier ((DDB). Door comes along with clenching mechanism.


TRTL (Torch & Tool Resistant)

Godrej & Boyce Equivalent

Class C

TRTL 15, FR 30

Class I Defender Plus

Class B

TRTL 30, FR 30

Class II Defender Plus



  • As per BIS standard IS 11188:2014.
  • Approved & Listed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).
  • Successfully tested for burglary and fire resistance at the Central Building Research Institute (CBRI), Roorkee, the only accredited institute of it's kind in India that carries out such tests.


  • Superior quality 10 mm thick Steel plate in a one piece bent angle door frame.
  • A unique two step door construction.
  • Godrej Double Duty barrier material provides reliable protection against fire.
  • 12 shooting bolts, each of 38mm diameter are provided on both sides to secure the door.
  • Balanced pressure bolt to protect against dislodging attempts by creating equal neutralizing pressure from within.
  • Impact resisting shaft for handle which defeats attempts to hammer it in.
  • Locks and re-locking devices are protected by specially designed drill-defeat shield.
  • Automatic re-locking device deadlocks the door in case of explosives or mechanical attacks.
  • Additional re-locking device on primary lock for extra protection.
  • Grill Gate is secured with high-precision 8-lever lock, and opens on both sides.
  • Fitted with two dual control high-precision 8-lever locks from Godrej*.
  • A relay micro switch option can be provided to control the lighting inside the vault room.
  • Tested as per BIS standard IS 11188:2014.

*Locking Mechanisms are also available in (a) Combination Lock (b) Electronic Lock (c) Biometric Lock (d) Time Lock.


*All Weights and Sizes are approximate. Manufacturing Tolerances: Dimensions, Weight & Volume ±10%



Overall size

H x W

  • 2128 x 1220 mm
  • 83.8 x 48 inches

Clear opening

h x w

  • 1953 x 910 mm
  • 76.9 x 35.8 inches

Thickness of door with lock case


  • 182 mm
  • 7.2 inches

Overall door thickness including frame and grill gate


  • 300 mm
  • 11.8 inches

Recommended for wall thickness


  • 305 – 380 mm
  • 12 – 15 inches

Door swing


  • 1060 mm
  • 41.7 inches

Grille-Gate swing


  • 985 mm
  • 38.8 inches

Projection of door when opened at 90°


  • 1080 mm
  • 42.5 inches

Projection of door when opened at 180°


  • 285 mm
  • 11.2 inches

Overall width of door and frame for max clear opening


  • 1850 mm
  • 72.8 inches

Overall width of door and frame when fully opened


  • 2205 mm
  • 86.8 inches


920 Kgs



Clenching Mechanism


Relay Micro Switch / Limit Switch

Default No; Optional

No. of Shooting Bolts


No. of Door Keys

2 + 1

No. of Grill-Gate Keys


No. of Key Sets



II / B; TRTL 30, FR 30



Optional Accessories

Extra Add-On Locks (any one attachable at a time, purchased & installed separately):

  • Combination Wheel Lock
  • Digital Lock
  • Biometric Lock
  • Time Lock


1 Year of Manufacturer's Warranty against any manufacturing defects.


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