Godrej Semi-Mixed Loose Note Counting Machine with FND

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Dimensions*: 6.3 (H) x 9.5 (W) x 11.6 (D) inches

Weight*: 6 Kgs

Machine Type: Semi-Mixed Loose Note Counting

Counting Speed: 1000 Notes per minute

Hopper/Feeder & Stacker Capacity: 150 Notes

FND Sensors: UV & MG

*Tolerances: Dimensions, Weight & Volume ±10%


Colours: White

Options: Desktop

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Category: Currency Handling

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Every note counted with utmost reliability, accuracy, and speed, Godrej Count Matic is designed aesthetically with the latest technology, keeping customer convenience and satisfaction in mind. It is a preferred choice for smooth, fast, and reliable processing of notes. A high-functioning friction-type currency counter, it provides currency authentication at a high speed per minute. This compact machine has a modern design and is aesthetically pleasing. It is fast becoming the preferred choice of businesses to enable a smooth and fast procession of notes. As technology is getting more advanced and accessible, it is challenging for organizations to detect forgery. It has also become easier to replicate even high-quality duplicate notes/currency. Though governments have embedded security features on the note, it didn't solve the problem completely. For large financial institutions, banks, and businesses with high cash flow everyday counting and fake note detection are the key problem areas. Godrej Count Matic resolves those problems with complete efficiency. Every note is counted with utmost reliability, accuracy, and speed and is apt for high-volume cash transactions.


  • Suitable for most currencies in the world.
  • Automatic suspect note detection with UV (Ultraviolet), MG (Magnetic).
  • Automatic half-note, chained-note, double-note detection with IR (Infrared detection).
  • Calculation of total value by manually selecting currency denomination.
  • LCD color changes to Red on detection of suspect note, half note, double note and for any other rejection.
  • Feather-touch keypad.
  • Power on self-check function to check multiple parts of machine.


*All Weights and Sizes are approximate. Manufacturing Tolerances: Dimensions, Weight & Volume ±10%


  • 160 (H) x 240 (W) x 295 (D) mm
  • 6.3 (H) x 9.5 (W) x 11.6 (D) inches

Net Weight*

6 Kgs (approx.)

Counting Speed

1000 Notes / min.

Counting Mechanism

High-Speed Rotating Claws / Fingers

Counterfeit Detection Technology

  • Ultraviolet
  • Magnetic Sensors

Hopper / Feeder Capacity

150 Notes (Depends on Note Condition)

Stacker Capacity

150 Notes

Size of Countable Notes

50 mm x 100 mm - 166 mm x 100 mm

Thickness of Countable Notes

0.075 mm - 0.15 mm

Power Consumption

< 80 Watts approx.

Power Source

AC 90 ~ 240 V (50 / 60 Hz)

Notes to be Counted in

Loose Condition


  • LCD - Count display: 4 digits, Batch display: 3 digits, Total count/total value display: 6 digits.
  • LCD color changes to Red when detects fake note with error codes.
  • Displays mode of operation.

Housing Material

High Quality Plastic

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