41 Defender Prime CL-BB

Godrej KeyLock Safe Locker with BIS

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Dimensions*: 42.6 (H) x 26.5 (W) x 29.7 (D) inches

Weight*: 1160 Kgs

Volume*: 137 Ltrs

Internal Removable Shelves: Yes

Internal Drawers: Yes

Mounting / Fixing Holes: No

*Tolerances: Dimensions, Weight & Volume ±10%


Colours: Defender Blue

Sizes: 41, 49, 61

Class: C, BB

Options: Single Door

Models: Aurum NX (Non-BIS), Prime (BIS)

Category: Institutional Security, Jewellery Shop Security, Safes, Lockers & Cabinets

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Taking forward the more than a century old time-tested legacy of the trusted Godrej brand, we now bring to you the latest and the most premium in its line, the Godrej Defender Prime Safe. The Defender Prime range is designed on a platform suited to the needs of aesthetics, space and security conscious consumers across the globe, thus bringing international quality and looks to our Indian customers.

Designed to surpass existing stringent benchmarks, the Defender Prime Safes are the ultimate solution for customers’ need to defend against all possible modern age attacks by all types of sophisticated and easily available hand and power tools. Reinforced with new and enhanced proprietary barrier material (DDB and TDR), indigenously developed by Godrej through rigorous research and development; it now offers excellent resistance on all six sides against attacks using acids, drills, impact/road breaking hammers and even oxyacetylene torches (for TRTL models)*. The new single-piece wrap-around construction provides even more formidable strength to this already top of the line range from Godrej Security Solutions. The zinc plated bolt mechanism and the 7 step 12 tank treatment offers superior corrosion resistance and durability while additional features provide convenience to change or add additional secondary locks (serviceability) in line with the requirements that may arise in the future.

When you buy a Godrej product you can be assured that you have chosen a quality product that has gone through a stringent Pre-Treatment Process followed by advance checks and measures. The Godrej 7 Step 12 Tank Pre-Treatment Process is just one such example of how we do not leave any stone unturned in ensuring quality as well as longevity of our products.

All Godrej steel components undergo a 7 Step 12 Tank Pre-Treatment Process to combat rusting:
1. Degreasing – The process of de-greasing removes all types of oils, grease, dust and organic contaminants from the metal’s surface.
2. Water Rinse – The metal surface is cleansed of oils from the surface with Water Rinse.
3. De-rusting – De-rusting is an effective process that combats corrosion. A combination of acids are used to remove rust layers.
4. Water Rinse – The metal surface is cleansed of acids for further treatment with Water Rinse.
5. Phosphating – Phosphating offers enhanced corrosion protection and the steel surface is converted into a corrosion resistant non-metallic surface.
6. Water Rinse – All powder particles and / or loose coating is washed off from the metal sheet using one tank.
7. Passivation – Passivation prevents atmospheric moisture from coming in contact with the metal thus avoiding a corrosion reaction – even on a phosphated surface.
* Class II / BB and above.

Quality Leadership

Manufactured in the state-of-the-art facility at Vikhroli, Mumbai, the Defender Prime range of  safes incorporates the perfect blend of global design and indigenous manufacturing marvel.

At Godrej Security Solutions we always aim to stay one step ahead. Along with pioneering innovative products, we also strive to offer quality security solutions that go the extra mile. Godrej Security Solutions is a recipient of the most coveted award for “TPM Excellence -Category A” by JIPM (Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance), as also the GreenCo award for Green Company rating system.

Why Godrej?

Largest such manufacturing facility in India for security equipment. One of its kind and highly automated manufacturing facility to maintain uniformity for safes across the world.

  • Oldest and the most trusted safe manufacturer, with a legacy of 120+ years, Godrej has always been the benchmark for other manufacturers.
  • Trusted brand with years of patronage in securing wealth of India and ensuring peace of mind.
  • State-of-the-art offerings, designed to always stay one step ahead of ever evolving modern day attacks.
  • Pan India presence with wide range of dealers and extensive service network.

Modern day security threats:

Security threats are always rising. Technology up-gradation, easy access to tools and technical knowledge available to burglars create a need to maintain upgraded security. This trend is evident in recent burglaries involving sophisticated tools like Oxy-Acetylene and Power Drill. To combat the ever-increasing security threats, a reliable safe is needed that can withstand even the most intense form of modern day attacks. It may also be crucial to have a safe in case of overnight storage of cash and valuables. This will help the jewellers and retail establishments to secure their valuables without compromising on their display space.

Breaking the myths:

  • The weight of a safe does not define its strength.
  • A safe completely made of metal only may not be strong.
  • Resistance of every safe is limited upto its defined capacity.


1. Fully Welded Seamless Strong Multi-Corner Bends and Wrap Around Door Construction:

  • Massive strength and uniform resistance to attacks on all 6 sides.
  • Helps withstand a fall from upper floors.

2. Drill Defeat Shield:

  • Provides additional security to the locks and makes the safe more secure.

3. Passivated Body through 7 Step 12 Tank Anti-corrosion Treatment:

  • Enhances life of the safe by preventing rust formation.
  • Ensures the paint remains unscathed even after number of years.

4. Double Duty Barrier (DDB):

  • Provides superior resistance against burglary attacks from all 6 sides.

5. High Strength Two Step Door and Frame Construction:

  • Highly resistant to fire & burglary attacks.
  • Gives better protection from fire & burglary.
  • Provides more resistance to attacks aimed at dislodging locks.

6. Automatic Re-locking Devices:

  • Sets the safe into a deadlock in the event of an attack, ensuring the contents of the safe are secured.

7. High Precision Locks:

  • 8 Lever dual control brass locks offer high number of combinations.
  • These locks offer massive resistance against pilferage.

8. Strong Movable Shooting Bolts and Fixed Bolts:

  • Makes the door secure behind the jamb box and ensures safe is highly burglary resistant.

9. X-Shield:

  • Advanced form of fortified security foils burglar attacks on locks.

10. Torch and Drill Resistant Matrix (TDR Matrix):

  • Provides superior resistance to torch and tool attacks on all 6 sides.

11. Lift-off Door Hinge Construction:

  • Facilitates removal of door for transportation and service.

12. Enhanced Usable Space:

  • Increases the storage quantity available to the user by providing greater usable volume.

13. Fire Retarding Capability:

  • Class BB Safes have One Hour Fire Retarding capability.

14. Certification:

  • Tested as per BIS Standard IS 550:2014.


*All Weights and Sizes are approximate. Manufacturing Tolerances: Dimensions, Weight & Volume ±10%


Defender Blue

External Dimensions*

  • 1082 (H) x 673 (W) x 714 (D) mm
  • 42.6 (H) x 26.5 (W) x 28.2 (D) inches
  • Total Depth (including Handle / Electronic Panel): 754 mm / 29.7 inches

Internal Dimensions*

  • 842 (H) x 433 (W) x 378 (D) mm
  • 33.2 (H) x 17.1 (W) x 14.9 (D) inches
  • Internal Usable Depth: 378 mm / 14.9 inches


137 Litres

Net Weight* (Empty)

1160 Kgs


BB (Single Door), BIS Certified (IS 550:2014)

Locker Type

Mechanical (Key Lock – Godrej 8 Lever Dual Control Gordian)

Locking Mechanism


No. of Locks


No. of Keys


No. of Key Sets


No. of Shooting Bolts

  • Live / Moving Bolts: 4 Nos.
  • Dead / Fixed Bolts: 4 Nos.

No. of Shelves


No. of Drawers

1 (with Key Lock)

Extra Features

  • Fully Welded Seamless Strong Multi-Corner Bends and Wrap Around Door Construction
  • Drill Defeat Shield
  • Passivated Body through 7 Step 12 Tank Anti-corrosion Treatment
  • Double Duty Barrier (DDB)
  • High Strength Two Step Door and Frame Construction
  • Automatic Re-locking Devices
  • High Precision Locks
  • Strong Movable Shooting Bolts and Fixed Bolts
  • X-Shield
  • Torch and Drill Resistant Matrix (TDR Matrix)
  • Lift-off Door Hinge Construction
  • Enhanced Usable Space
  • Fire Retarding Capability
  • Mounting Holes - No

Optional Accessories

Extra Add-On Locks (any one attachable at a time, purchased & installed separately):

  • Combination Wheel Lock
  • Digital Lock
  • Biometric Lock


1 Year of Manufacturer's Warranty against any manufacturing defects.

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