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8 things to remember while choosing the right note counting machine

Does your business need to tackle volumes of cash transactions almost every day? Now, it means your business is doing great and best wishes for that. But, then, we all would admit cash counting is anyday a daunting and tedious job. Moreover, manual counting could lead to erroneous counting at times. And then of course,… Read More

7 pro tips to buy the right multifunctional printer

A multi-functional printer is one of the most welcome advancements of 21st century printing technologies. Also known as “AIOs” (All-In-Ones), these devices boast functionalities of multiple machines into one. Added to printer, you will also get scanners, copiers and fax capabilities in one single machine here. Are you too planning to buy a multifunctional printer… Read More

Why should you welcome a coffee vending machine in your office?

Do your employees swear by coffee? Well, who doesn’t love coffee? Yes, there are tea-lovers but coffee always commands its own huge line of passionate connoisseurs. Don’t you yourself bless coffee for keeping you charged up in those drowsy hours post lunch? You bet. Now, have you ever thought of getting a coffee vending machine… Read More

Is it possible to turn your coffee vending machine into tea vending machine?

A warm espresso brew in the midst of tight projects is certainly a welcome break for your employees. But isn’t it true that not every member of your team holds a special corner for coffee? Some of them do swear by a hot steaming cup of tea as well. As the best employer, it’s your… Read More

Wired or Wireless or Wire Free- which one will be right for your security camera?

If you are looking to install a security camera in your property, you need to decide among the three types that are available in the market. A security camera can either be a wired, wireless and wire-free system. You first need to understand the fine differences among the three types before you go ahead and… Read More

Traditional or digital safe? Which one will be the best defense for your valuables?

Almost every potential safe buyer is always in one perpetual dilemma while buying a safe- should he go for the good old traditional safes or settle with the modern digital ones? Traditional safes have been around for ages and have duly stood the test of time. On the other hand, the digital safes have earned… Read More

Video Door Phone 101- overview, benefits and guide to buy a one

Ting Tong! Your doorbell rings and you rush to the door to receive the visitor. But, wait! What if the person on the other side is holding a sack and a pistol behind his back? Yes, you have the eyehole on your door but that only offers a limited view zone. So, you don’t really… Read More

Things to remember before buying a coffee vending machine

Nothing is more refreshing than a steaming cuppa in the midst of a busy tiring day. But who has the time to go to the kitchen and brew up mugs of coffee when deadlines are knocking at the door? Thus, a sensible employer would prefer to opt for a coffee vending machine at office so… Read More

How To Choose A Commercial Safe?

Although workplaces are on constant endeavor to go paperless today yet there are certain documents that you still need to have on paper. From your client contracts to license certificates to insurance documents, you need all these major documents in paper. Now, what if a fire breaks out in office or a sneaky employee steals… Read More

How To Choose A Home Safe?

There had been an 18-lakh (INR) robbery couple of days back in Delhi. Last year, Chennai witnessed 10+ cases of home robbery in mere 24 hours. The bottomline is- home robberies in India are increasing at a staggering rate. It’s you, the homeowner, who has to be cautious about protecting the assets in your home… Read More

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