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Video Door Phone 101- overview, benefits and guide to buy a one

Ting Tong! Your doorbell rings and you rush to the door to receive the visitor. But, wait! What if the person on the other side is holding a sack and a pistol behind his back? Yes, you have the eyehole on your door but that only offers a limited view zone. So, you don’t really… Read More

Things to remember before buying a coffee vending machine

Nothing is more refreshing than a steaming cuppa in the midst of a busy tiring day. But who has the time to go to the kitchen and brew up mugs of coffee when deadlines are knocking at the door? Thus, a sensible employer would prefer to opt for a coffee vending machine at office so… Read More

How To Choose A Commercial Safe?

Although workplaces are on constant endeavor to go paperless today yet there are certain documents that you still need to have on paper. From your client contracts to license certificates to insurance documents, you need all these major documents in paper. Now, what if a fire breaks out in office or a sneaky employee steals… Read More

How To Choose A Home Safe?

There had been an 18-lakh (INR) robbery couple of days back in Delhi. Last year, Chennai witnessed 10+ cases of home robbery in mere 24 hours. The bottomline is- home robberies in India are increasing at a staggering rate. It’s you, the homeowner, who has to be cautious about protecting the assets in your home… Read More

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